ZipZap is the World's Most Family-Friendly Browser
The ZipZap Browser provides your family with a safe, fun and easy internet experience.
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ZipZap Browser is a "managed-browsing" internet browser. It is safe, parent-controlled, feature-rich, and because it is based on the open-source Chromium Project, it is state of the art.
  • Managed:  Every user in the family has an account. Every account has a profile. Each profile can be set with age-appropriate settings.
  • Safe:  The ZipZap browser filters the web based on the user settings. Prevent your kids from accessing adult sites, time-wasting sites ... or any of 62 other categories.
  • Parent-Controlled:  Parents have full control of all settings. Certain settings, like themes, can be delegated to the kids.
  • Feature-Rich:  Allow your older kids to Interact with friends via ZipZap Friends™ Simplify internet time for everyone with ZipZap Links.
  • State of the Art:  ZipZap Browser is based on the open-source Chromium Project.
ZipZap Filters
Not Everything on the Internet is Family-Friendly
  • Prohibit Access to Internet Content
  • Choose Any of 64 Filter Categories
ZipZap Friends™
Lets Your Kids Stay Connected, On Your Terms
  • Kids Can Interact with their Friends
  • Parents Approve Friends
  • Can be Disabled by Parent
ZipZap Links
Age and Gender Targeted Activity Links
  • Provides Targeted Easy-to-Access Links
  • Minimizes Amount of Internet Searching Required
ZipZap Admin
Change Settings, Approve Friends, You Control It All
  • Parents Control All Aspects of Family Sub-Accounts
  • Control of Certain Functions Can Be Delegated
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